AJAX/Client-side Scalable Graphics

As a demonstration of this approach, our firm implemented a simple active www page written in JavaScript that uses AJAX techniques to access server-supplied raw data and convert it into a series of high-quality graphs. In turn, the graphs can be switched from one color scheme to another at a single mouseclick.

Fully dynamic www pages present yet another tool in the web implementer's quiver. In an earlier demonstration, we showed the advantages of semi-dynamic www pages on http://www.computersecurityhandbook.com, the www site for the authors of the Computer Security Handbook. These technologies are complementary, not alternatives. Some applications realize tremendous efficiencies from pre-computing pages, other situations are far more fluid.

Scalable Vector Graphics, referred to by its acronym, SVG, is a W3C-sponsored technology for producing high-quality graphics within www pages. Based upon XML technologies, SVG can be used to represent a wide range of graphics. These graphics can be stored statically on servers, or can be dynamically generated using any client-side programming environment with DOM access.

SVG allows the representation of high-quality graphics in web-based applications without the limitations of raster-based formats (e.g., JPEG, PNG)

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