The TechnicalCounsel(sm) News -- March 2004
Volume 1 Number 1 March 2004

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Welcome to the inaugural issue of The TechnicalCounsel(sm) News, our consulting practice's quarterly newsletter.

In this issue:

IEEE Computer Society Appoints Robert Gezelter to Distinguished Visitor Program

The IEEE Computer Society has appointed Mr. Gezelter to their Distinguished Visitor Program for a three year term starting January 2004.

The IEEE Computer Society Distinguished Visitor Program, founded in 1971, is a select group of 39 speakers designated to speak on leading edge technical topics at local IEEE Computer Society meetings.

The IEEE Computer Society, founded in 1946, has nearly 100,000 members. The Society, which is active in standards setting, publishing, and professional education, is the largest special interest community in the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, an international professional association founded in 1884, with a present membership of nearly 300,000.

Internet Access, Wireless, and Security Policies

Pervasive internet access, be it wireless in public spaces, or wired in conference or hotel rooms, is a fact of modern life. So are the dangers and security issues that access creates. The technologies used to provide pervasive access to a network, through WiFi or other means, involve a degree of security risk. These same technologies can be implemented wisely to minimize the danger.

On March 15, 2004, Network World Fusion published a guest column by Mr. Gezelter entitled Security Considerations for Laptops and Visitors, discussing some aspects of concern.

A more detailed presentation, Internet Dial Tones & Firewalls: One Policy Does Not Fit All, will be hosted by the local IEEE Computer Society chapters in Tampa and Orlando on March 24 (Tampa) and March 25 (Orlando). Mr. Gezelter will provide several overall strategies to enable pervasive access without compromising security, integrity, and privacy.

The full abstract and location of these presentations can be found at:

Following the talk, the slides from the presentations will be available through the above URLs.

Inheritance Based OpenVMS Environments Paper published in HP OpenVMS Technical Journal

Inheritance Based Evironments in Stand-Alone OpenVMS Systems and OpenVMS Clusters was published in the January 2004 issue of HP's OpenVMS Technical Journal.

It explores how to efficiently construct and maintain OpenVMS environments. OpenVMS facilities allow the expression of the full complexity of modern business, reflecting users' needs with a minimum of effort. These techniques apply to systems of all sizes, from small stand-alone applications to large-scale clusters and distributed corporate systems.

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) responsible for product development and end-users responsible for particular sites will all find these techniques applicable.

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