The TechnicalCounsel(sm) News -- July 2005
Volume 2 Number 3 July 2005

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Welcome to the July issue of The TechnicalCounsel(sm) News, our consulting practice's quarterly newsletter.

In this issue:

Speeches at Interex’s HPWorld 2005 on OpenVMS Topics

HPWorld 2005 Mr. Gezelter will present three sessions on OpenVMS-related topics: The full abstracts and locations of these presentations can be found at: Following the talks, the final slides from the presentations will be available through the above URL.

Speech at HP Technology Forum on OpenVMS Storage Migration

At the
HP Technology Forum, Mr. Gezelter will present Migrating OpenVMS Storage Environments without Interruption/Disruption. Following the talk, the final slides from this presentation will be available through our www site at: publishes OpenVMS Consultant article on File Transfer Technical Alternatives published ftp and sneakernet Are Not Your Only Options on July 9, 2005. Intersystem file transfers are a fact of life. Often, ftp is the only file transfer option considered. However, C-Kermit and DECnet file transfer options provide benefits and flexibility that are not available using the Internet’s FTP, or the alternative of media transfer. This column can be accessed via our publications page at:

IEEE Computer Society Distinguished Visitor Program sponsors presentations in Vermont

IEEE Computer Society student chapters in Vermont have jointly requested presentations during the week of September 26-30, 2005. The exact times and locations are pending. The full abstracts along with the exact times and locations of this series of presentations will be posted on as they become available. Following the talk, the slides from the presentations will be available through our presentations page. A description of the IEEE Computer Society’s Distinguished Visitor program can be found in Volume 1, Number 1 of the TechnicalCounsel(SM) News.

Soon to be Published Handbook of Information Security Features Internet E-Mail Architecture and OpenVMS Security Chapters Authored by Mr. Gezelter

The Handbook of Information Security, to be released in Winter 2005 by John Wiley & Sons, features two chapters by Mr. Gezelter. Both chapters are intended to be suitable for CxO level discussions of Information Technology.

The Internet E-Mail Architecture chapter details the evolution of e-mail technology from its origins as a descendant of commercial and military telegraphy to the current interconnected worldwide internet. The emphasis is on the different threads which contributed to modern electronic mail.

The OpenVMS Security chapter reviews the structure of OpenVMS and how its structure contributes to its ability to create a high integrity, high security environment for corporate computing.

The full Table of Contents for the Handbook and information about Wiley’s substantial pre-publication discount is offered in their brochure. Additional information:

Serverwatch and Datamation articles quote Mr. Gezelter

On July 5, 2005 Serverwatch cited Mr. Gezelter on the convergence between desktop computing and enterprise-class servers. On July 1, 2005, Datamation cited Mr. Gezelter on the advantages provided by the unique capabilities of the DECnet protocol suite. The full text of these articles can be reached via our citations page.

Upcoming News

Future IEEE-sponsored Speeches

Mr. Gezelter is in discussion with several IEEE chapters throughout North America concerning presentations under the auspices of the
Computer Society's Distinguished Visitor's Program. As scheduling arrangements are finalized, we will keep our readers advised.

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