Embedded Systems  
        November 2005  
          Ubiquitous Connectivity  
          Embedded Architectures  
Architectural Issues for Embedded Processors and Applications

Today's embedded processors have come a long way from the original Intel 4004 that ushered in the age of the embedded processor in 1971. From simple origins with but a handful of RAM and not much more ROM, embedded microprocessors have blossomed into systems with capacities approximating the mainframes of the 1980's. Microprocessor software infrastructure issues have evolved from simplistic run-time libraries to full-fledged operating systems and tool libraries. This growth, from systems consisting of hundreds of lines of code to systems consisting of hundreds of thousands or millions of lines of code, has dramtically increased the complexity of the software environment. In these environments, the selection of the correct tool kits and paradigms can be an enormous advantage, providing previously unimaginable leverage. Conversely, choosing the wrong paradigm or tool kit can be a source of overruns and ongoing problems, catastrophically raising costs and error rates. Efficient use of the proper paradigms can speed software development, eliminate errors, facilitate testing, and enable flexibility. The converse does not bear contemplation. We will examine how architecture enables the full capacities of today's embedded microprocessors.

Speaker: Our speaker will be Robert Gezelter, a Senior Member of IEEE and a member of the IEEE Computer Societyís Distinguished Visitors Program. Mr. Gezelter holds BA and MS degrees in Computer Science from New York University. He is a contributor to the Computer Security Handbook (2002) and the Handbook of Information Security (2005). He has spoken and written extensively on operating systems, networks, performance, security, tools, and similar areas.

Mr. Gezelter is in private practice, and maintains his offices in Flushing, New York. He can be contacted via his firmís www site at http://www.rlgsc.com.

Sponsors: IEEE Memphis Section and Computer Society
FedEx Institute of Technology, University of Memphis, Memphis, Tennessee
Venue: Methodist Healthcare Presentation Theatre
FedEx Institute of Technology, University of Memphis
365 Innovation Drive
Memphis, Tennessee  38152-3115
Date: Tuesday, November 1, 2005
Time: 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM
Reservations: FedEx Institute office fedex-at-memphis.edu, Subject: IEEE DVP RSVP-11/1
+1 (901) 678 5105
Admission: General Public: Free
Session Notes: http://www.rlgsc.com/ieee/memphis/2005-11/embeddedarch.html

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