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Our founding principal, Robert Gezelter, has worked with OpenVMS since its initial release for the VAX-11/780 in 1978, through the present generation of 64-bit ALPHA processors.

We have extensive experience in a wide range of OpenVMS related issues and technologies. A partial list of our extensive expertise includes:

  • System Management
  • Software Development
  • Shareable Libraries
  • System Performance
  • System Security
  • Secure Applications
  • Asynchronous System Traps and Event Driven Systems
  • Networking (DECnet and TCP/IP)
  • Terminal Handling and Custom Protocols (including LAT)
  • Security Reviews
You will find copies of many of Mr. Gezelter's OpenVMS™-related conference presentations on this site, as well as descriptions of our OpenVMS™-related consulting services.

Mr. Gezelter's published papers and articles are also available. Books to which Mr. Gezelter has contributed are available from our Bookstore

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