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OpenVMS™ Performance

Since the firm's founding in 1978, Mr. Gezelter has handled many performance related consulting matters, working at the architectural, system management, and applications levels. His performance work includes architectural, data structure, implementation, and systems and applications tuning aspects in the OpenVMS™ environment. His activities have included:

  • consulting on and implementing changes in applications utilization of OpenVMS interfaces to reduce system utilization from 100% to approximately 1% without requiring major modification of applications programs.
  • utilizing SYSMAN and the STARTUP process to automate and parallelize system startup procedures for clients systems, realizing performance increases of up to 1000% in some situations, significantly reducing downtime in situations where systems must be restarted.
  • speaking on the performance and tuning of OpenVMS and related products at DECUS Symposia in the United States, Canada, Switzerland, France, and Turkey.
  • authoring several articles on OpenVMS performance, tuning, management, internals, and related areas. Articles have been published by Digital Systems Journal, Open Systems Today, Network Computing, Digital News, and Hardcopy.

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