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OpenVMS™ Software Development Experience

Since the firm's founding in 1978, Mr. Gezelter developed and consulted on numerous software development projects in the OpenVMS™ environment. His activities have included:

  • developing numerous tools and applications utilizing OpenVMS (VAX and ALPHA).
  • developing extensive header, macro, and command procedures to assist with and implement software development and configuration
  • architecting, designing, implementing, and maintaining numerous applications and middleware components on OpenVMS.
  • working with many (if not most) of the languages available on OpenVMS, including C/C++, FORTRAN, BASIC, PL/I, PASCAL, MACRO, and DCL.
  • implementing numerous DCL procedures to address a wide range of client development, application and system management requirements. Have spoken extensively on the use of sophisticated DCL techniques.
  • Architected, designed, implemented, and supported software installation, update, and removal procedures for add-on products to OpenVMS using the standard OpenVMS PRODUCT INSTALL and REMOVE commands.
  • speaking on systems management and internals of OpenVMS and related products at DECUS Symposia in the United States, Canada, Switzerland, France, and Turkey. Presentations have included both one hour sessions and full day seminars.
  • authoring several articles on OpenVMS systems management, internals, and related areas. Articles have been published by Digital Systems Journal, Open Systems Today, Network Computing, Digital News, and Hardcopy.

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