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OpenVMS™ Terminal Related Experience

Since founding the firm in 1978, Mr. Gezelter has worked extensively with terminal handling and related communications. His activities included:

  • architecting, designing, implementing, and maintaining command procedures to configure applications software and physical devices during the OpenVMS system startup (and applications startup) processes.
  • architecting, designing, implementing, and maintaining forms management APIs and related libraries using the extended functionality of the OpenVMS Terminal Driver (IO$READVBLK|IO$M_EXTEND).
  • architecting, designing, implementing, and maintaining utilities to monitor the operation of large numbers of terminals. In one notable case, such an application (implemented using Asynchronous System Traps, known as ASTs) was so efficient that it accumulated infinitesimal CPU time over a period of several days (the system operators -- on a MicroVAX II -- actually reported the program as broken -- insufficient CPU time used over a multiple day period)
  • implementing numerous DCL procedures to address a wide range of client application and system management requirements.
  • speaking on terminal management and programming on OpenVMS and related products at DECUS Symposia in the United States, Canada, Switzerland, France, and Turkey.

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