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OpenVMS™ TCP/IP Experience

Since the firm's founding in 1978, Mr. Gezelter has worked with the all of the major TCP/IP packages used on OpenVMS™. His work has ranged from standard software management and installation to extensive use of the QIO interfaces to the protocol stack, running simultaneous network connections. His activities have included:

  • installing, configuring, and managing TCP/IP services, Multinet, and TCPware for OpenVMS (VAX and ALPHA).
  • architecting, designing, implementing, and maintaining applications and middleware components utilizing TCP/IP. These applications included multi-threaded components operating multiple, simultaneous network connections, with all network operations AST based to ensure efficiency and correctness.
  • utilizing various protocol stack and other software components (e.g. MX) to architect, design, and implement Internet firewalls and gateways.
  • architecting, designing, managing and maintaining Domain Name Services (DNS) environments for both Intranet and Internet environments.
  • speaking on the use and management of TCP/IP and related issues at DECUS Symposia in the United States, Canada, Switzerland, France, and Turkey.
  • publishing articles (and been cited) on TCP/IP related issues in NetworkWorld.

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